Multimodal Vision Research Laboratory



We are always interested in hard-working students (and post-docs) with strong technical abilities, a desire to grow, and an eagerness to work on challenging problems as part of a team. If you are interested, please see our openings page.

current members

Nathan Jacobs, PhD CS

Director, Professor of Computer Science
Adeel Ahmad

Postdoc (PhD Geomatics)
Xin Xing
PhD candidate in CS (w/ Ai-Ling Lin) @ Kentucky
Subash Khanal
PhD student in CS
Aram Ansary Ogholbake
PhD student in CS (w/ Qiang (Shawn) Cheng) @ Kentucky
Oscar Skean
PhD student in CS (w/ Luis Sanchez Giraldo) @ Kentucky
Aayush Dhakal
PhD student in CS
Michael Lanier
PhD student in CS (w/ Yevgeniy Vorobeychik)
Zhexiao Xiong
PhD student in CS
Srikumar Sastry
PhD student in Imaging Science
Lydia Reader
PhD student in Computational & Data Sciences (w/ Ross Hammond)
Nia Hodges
MS student in Engineering Data Analytics & Statistics
Alex Wollam
MS student in Computer Science


Alex Greene
MS CS, May 2023 ; to Bridgewater Associates
Yu Zhang

PhD CS, May 2023 ; to Bastian Solution R&D Lab
Krishna Bhatraju
High School Mentee, 2021-2022 ; to Stanford
Alex Levering

Visiting PhD student from Wageningen University, 2023 ; to TBD
Zachary Pulliam
MS Data Science, 2022 ; to Capgemini
Benjamin Brodie
Postdoc (PhD Math), 2020-2022 ; to BlueHalo
Cohen Archbold
BS CS, May 2022 ; to PhD program in CS at the University of Kentucky
Julia Stekardis
Undergraduate Research, 2021 ; to TBD
Jacob Birge
MS CS, 2021 ; to UPS
Evan Bolton
BS CS, Summer 2021 ; to Badger Technologies
Nicole Wong
Visiting BS student in CS (was High School Mentee), 2018-2021 ; to MIT
Shashank Bhatt
Undergraduate Research, 2019 - 2022 ; to TBD
Adib Mosharrof
Visiting Graduate Student, 2021 - 2022 ; to Siddique Lab
Hunter Blanton
PhD CS, Summer 2021 ; to
Chris Wang
High School Mentee, 2021 ; to University of Missouri
Rafael Padilha

Visiting PhD student from University of Campinas, Brazil, Dec 2020 ; to Research Software Engineer at Microsoft Research
Gongbo "Tony" Liang
PhD in CS, May 2020 ; to Assistant Professor at Texas A&M Univeristy-San Antonio
Sean Grate
BS Math, May 2020 ; to PhD program in Math at Auburn University
Armin Hadzic
MS CS, 2020 ; to Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Raian Vargas Maretto
Visiting student from INPE, Brazil, 2019 ; to Assistant Professor at University of Twente
Thomas Barber
REU, Summer 2019
Evan Yang
BS CS, 2019
Tawfiq Salem

PhD CS, Summer 2019 ; to Visiting Assistant Professor at Miami University of Ohio
Yuhan Long
REU, Summer 2019 ; to PhD program at University of Minnesota
Whitney Dawson
High School Mentee, Summer 2019
Weilian "William" Song
MS CS, May 2019 ; to PhD program at Simon Fraser University
Menghua "Ted" Zhai
PhD CS, Fall 2018 ; to MatrixSense Inc., Shanghai
Zach Bessinger

PhD CS, Fall 2018 ; to Data Scientist at Zillow
Scott Workman
PhD CS, May 2018 ; to Dzyne Technologies
Aaron Mueller
BS CS, May 2018 ; to PhD program at Johns Hopkins University
William "Derek" Jones
MS CS (w/ Sally Ellingson), 2018 ; to Data Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, PhD program at UCSD
Hamid Hamraz
PhD CS, 2018 ; to Data Scientist at Microsoft
Ryan Landry
High School Mentee, 2018 ; to Virginia Tech
Patrick Tutzauer
visiting student from Institute for Photogrammetry, University of Stuttgart, Fall 2017 ; to nFrames (Esri Research and Development Center Stuttgart)
Samuel Davidson
REU, 2017 ; to Firmware Engineer at Lexmark
Angelo Stekardis
BS CS (Chellgren Fellow), 2017 ; to Computer Vision Software Engineer at Iris Automation
Andrew Albrecht
High School Mentee, 2017 ; to University of Louisville
C.J. Labianca
High School Mentee, 2017 ; to Purdue University
Mohammad T. Islam
PhD CS, 2016 ; to Associate Professor at Southern Conneticut State University
Ryan Baltenberger
MS CS, 2016 ; to Badger Technologies (was Software Developer at airSpring Software)
David Smith
BS CS, 2015 ; to PhD program in CS at University of Florida
Andrew Tapia
High School Mentee, 2015 ; to University of Kentucky
R. Paul Mihail
PhD CS (w/ Judy Goldsmith), 2014 ; to Associate Professor at Valdosta State University
Feiyu Shi
MS EE, 2013 ; to MS program in CS at Boston University, then Microsoft
Alex Lucas
High School Mentee, 2013
Jim Knochelman
BS CS, 2012 ; to IBM (was Software Developer at airSpring Software)