Multimodal Vision Research Laboratory


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Job Title: Post-Doctoral Associate (Tracking, Detection, and Trajectory Analysis)

Position Summary

The Multimodal Vision Research Lab is seeking a postdoctoral associate for a Department of Defense-funded project, StackNet, that aims to develop novel algorithms in the general area of object tracking. The postdoc will conduct fundamental and applied research on trajectory matching (image and motion based) and/or conditional trajectory synthesis (using traditional and Transformer-based models).

The postdoc will work closely with the lab director, Nathan Jacobs, to develop a research program that is aligned with the funding source and their personal interests and abilities. In addition to working on research problems, they will supervise graduate/undergraduate researchers, help with proposal development, and take a leading role in project management. This would be an ideal position for someone that is (1) interested in learning how to develop deep learning-based systems and (2) learning how to work with the Department of Defense.

The position is available starting Jul 1, 2022 (or later) and will have have a guaranteed duration of at least two years, with additional years of funding possible. The StackNet project is funded through at least 6/9/2023 and is in collaboration with an industrial research lab. If subsequent phases of the StackNet project are not awarded, funding for this position will come from other sources.


Salary and Benefits

This is a full-time position (approximately 40 hours/week) and is benefits eligible. Base pay will be commensurate with experience (minimum $65,000 / year). For additional information about benefits and other campus-level resources for postdocs, please see the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website.

Application Instructions

Send the following information to Nathan Jacobs, with the title “stacknet postdoc opening application”: