Multimodal Vision Research Laboratory


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Job Title: PhD Student (Open Topic)

We are always recruiting PhD students with strong theoretical and applied skills in the area of computer vision, deep learning, remote sensing, and related topics. We primarily supervise students in the PhD program in Computer Science but have recently hired students in the Imaging Science and Computational & Data Sciences. We have a strong track record of publishing in top venues, with a focus on CVPR, ECCV, and ICCV. We offer fully funded research assistantships (stipend + health + tuition).


Application Instructions

Current WashU students: please send the following information to Nathan Jacobs, with the title “phd opening application”:

Non-WashU students: All admissions decisions are made collectively by the department. This means you do not need to email me directly. I generally don’t respond to such emails unless there is a unique connection (uniquely well-aligned research interests, prior work with someone I know, geographical proximity, etc.). Please just apply to the most appropriate PhD program and follow the application checklist. If you want to work with me, you should mention it in your statement of purpose.